Humility & Confidence Can Go Together

How well do you understand the gospel? This question is answered by answering a few other questions:

1. How often do you fight against guilt or condemnation?

2. How often do you fight against pride? Pride is revealed by a perceived need to defend or promote yourself. Pride is also seen in feeling better than others or confident in self-accomplishments.

3. Are you more aware of your opinion/other’s opinion of yourself than God’s right judgment & acceptance of you?

Only a proper understanding & application of the gospel will free you from pride or despair.

Tim Keller wisely explains:

When my own personal grasp of the gospel was very weak, my self-view swung wildly between two poles. When I was performing up to my standards… I felt confident but not humble. I was likely to be proud and unsympathetic to failing people. When I was not living up to standards, I felt humble but not confident, a failure. I discovered, however, that the gospel contained the resources to build a unique identity. In Christ I could know I was accepted by grace not only despite my flaws, but because I was willing to admit them. The Christian gospel is that I am so flawed that Jesus had to die for me, yet I am so loved and valued that Jesus was glad to die for me. This leads to deep humility and deep confidence at the same time. It undermines both swaggering and sniveling.

Tim Keller, The Reason for God, p. 180-81.


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2 Responses to Humility & Confidence Can Go Together

  1. jerrfj says:

    Oh how I lack so much in understanding of the grace of God, in Christ Jesus, but understand it enough to know it is WHAT and ALL I NEED!!

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