Book Review: Radical by David Platt

For months I have been reluctantly excited about *Radical*. I have been excited because I have had the opportunity to hear David Platt preach on several occasions & he is a pastor I love & deeply respect. He is humble & he humbly loves the Lord Jesus Christ & His Word. I have been reluctant because of the implications that I knew would come with reading this book. In other words, I knew somethings in my life would have to change. One can lazily plead ignorance for only so long.
As all who have read it have testified, *Radical* is a hard-hitting, in your face call to true discipleship. It is hard-hitting, not because of Platt, but because it is biblical. It is hard-hitting because, quite frankly, Jesus is hard-hitting at times. The call to follow Jesus is a costly call & Platt simply says what the Scriptures say. And based on modern expectations, this is in *RADICAL*.
The problem Platt tackles is “we are starting to redefine Christianty” (p.13) taking the Jesus of the Bible & rather than us being conformed into His image, we are conforming Him into our image. Therefore, our Christianity is on OUR terms. We design programs & events based on our ideas. We spend or manage God’s resources according to our wisdom. But much of our wisdom is of the world & not from above. Platt identifies the symptoms of such practices & then simply asks “Why?”. But he doesn’t leave us there. Platt offers a way out of the man-centered Christianity & back to a Christ-exalting Christianity.
As an American, I must admit the American Dream is very enticing. So this is a work that I needed to read, & by the power of the Holy Spirit, receive & apply.
There was one aspect of *Radical* that did leave me a little disappointed. David Platt preaches with deep passion & unction that is simply one of a kind. This book follows very closely to the sermons that he preaches – except the book seemed to lack the passion & unction. It seemed lifeless at times. This may be because it was a written word & not the spoken word. Some have been gifted to write as they speak. *Radical* lacked that aspect. Maybe this is why David Platt is a pastor & not an author.
I thank God for David Platt & for this work. I wish all western Christian would take the time & at least offer a cursory reading of Radical. After all, Jesus is worth everything it may cost you!

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. This is also posted on Blogging for Books.


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