The Church is the Gospel Made Visible

The following is a quote by Mark Dever at this year’s T4G conference. His talk on The Church is the Gospel Made Visible was exceptional! If you have some time, please listen & consider.  Below is an example of clarity he spoke with.

Friends, we know that something is not right, and we’re the ones who can tell the truth about that. Pastors, I hope you appreciate how powerful this is evangelistically. Christians try to reach non-Christians sometimes by soft-pedaling the truth about sin. But they’re smarter than that. They know something is not right with themselves and the world. When we tell them the truth about sin, we give them the diagnosis that finally makes sense of their condition. And then when they step into the local church, they begin to see a whole community of people–not just one virtuous, wise sage-like person they may know in you–but they see a whole community of people, with obvious faults and flaws, but joy in the Lord even if they recognize their own sin. A group of people who do not have to pretend they’re all okay in order to know the full life that God calls us to live. Friends, we are sinners, but we know we can be accepted by a holy and loving God.


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husband, father, pastor - all by the grace of God.
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