Fellowship Starters – Matthew 6:19-24

As you may have noted, I was really burdened Sunday as we looked at this difficult passage of Scripture. My fear is we are killing ourselves – physically & spiritually – with stuff! The Spirit of God has been moving in amazing ways in my homes in recent weeks. EmiLee and I are fed up with chasing the American Dream. We are tired of talking about change. We are ready to act. Please pray for us as we attempt to get rid of stuff we don’t NEED! Pray that we can let go and treasure Christ above all. Pray we have treasure in heaven!

As you look to your own life, are you happy with your treasures? Jesus said (Matthew 6:21), “For where your treasure is there your heart will also be.” YOUR HEART WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR MONEY!

During the sermon I said, “If you do not have a heart for missions, orphans, widows, etc. give some money to these and watch your heart follow.” I must ask, do you want to have a heart for missions? If not yet, give immediately and be amazed!

Here are a few questions to consider in light of our time in Matthew 6:19-24:

  1. What does your heart reveal your true treasure is? (Hint: look no further than spending habits)
  2. What burdens you to the point of spending money on it? (Your personal well-being? Personal protection? Hungry children? Unbelievers in India? The Homeless?)
  3. Where should you downsize or simplify your life so that you can release more of God’s resources to invest in God’s Kingdom?
  4. What fears do you have in giving more to the Kingdom?

Take some time and work through these prayerfully.


About Eric

husband, father, pastor - all by the grace of God.
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