Fellowship Starters – Matthew 13:44

We must know – we are not of this world. This world is not our home. Our “citizenship is on heaven” (Phil 3:20). We have been “bought with a price” (1 Cor 6:20). We have been “called out of darkness & into His marvelous light” (1 Pet 2:9).

Since all of this is true, we should not live like the world. We should live lives that are radically counter-cultural! We should not live like they do – “storing up treasures on earth” (Matt 6:19). Those who claim Christ as Lord live lives that “store up treasures in heaven” (Matt 6:20).

What I’m afraid of is some have deceived themselves into thinking that because they have stored some treasure in heaven, its okay. In other words, “even though a great majority of my treasure is here on earth, I have stored some in heaven.” BUT… our lives ought to be just the opposite. Rather than our lives being sparingly marked by treasures in heaven, our lives ought to be substantially marked by treasures in heaven!

Take time to reflect on these truths. Is your life mark by substantial treasures on earth or treasures in heaven? What needs to be let go of in order to grab hold of Christ? Pray for increased faith and the strength to submit to Christ. Remember… to hold on to earthly treasuers results in sorrow & is foolish (Matthew 19:16-22; Luke 12:16-21). To let go and grab hold of Christ results in everlasting joy! Joy or Sorrow? You decided.


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3 Responses to Fellowship Starters – Matthew 13:44

  1. Chip Collins says:

    I agree with this obviously — that heavenly treasures are more important than earthly ones. But is this saying that you can’t have earthly treasures as well as heavenly ones? Is the only way to be rich in heaven to be poor here on earth? Take this to the extreme and every serious believer would take a vow of poverty.

    I think the most virtuous believer is the one who has money and yet will not allow that money to have him — indeed, he sees all of it as God’s money and is a good steward of it, which is the biblical emphasis. If God wants us to be good stewards, does that not mean that we have treasures of which to be good stewards — not that we have no treasures at all?

    • Tony Walls says:

      Good post and meditation. This is something we are wrestling with as a family…how much is too much?

      To respond to the previous comment, I do not believe that a vow of poverty is required and would agree that the most virtuous believer is one that can have things, yet not let those things have him (I think that person maybe somewhat of a unicorn though!). However, that person is a very rare breed in the pages of scripture. In fact, scripture seems to indicate that it is not possible to store up treasures on both fronts.

      Unfortunately most of us are hell-bent on accumulating stuff despite the fact that scripture repeatedly tells us that we should be scared to death to live that way…so again- How much is too much?

  2. Eric says:

    Again, we cannot serve two masters (Matt 6:24). Either will love the one and hate the other…

    Treasures on earth? What do you have in mind when you ask if it okay to have treasures on earth? Family? Stuff?

    As to the vow of poverty… well, if need be. But what I am getting at is using what God entrusts to us to provide what we need (say, a $12 shirt rather than a $35 shirt) and give the rest to some one who needs a shirt. How about cutting back on our monthly grocery bill so we can feed an orphan who has nothing! Does that lead us to poverty? Maybe by someone’s standards of living but probably not by the LORD’s.

    And as for stewardship, what is a greater stewardship than giving what we have to the poor? It’s hard to do so when our mortgage payments are through the roof, when we must put gas in multiple cars, insure multiple cars, have all the technological advancements, etc. I am not saying get rid of iPhones or the like. I trust the Spirit to apply this to each follower of Christ on an individual level.

    I just think the Lord is right when he says we cannot serve two masters. We will fool ourselves into thinking we can handle it. Most of us CAN’T!

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